Father’s Day Giveaway

Ahoy mateys! In appreciation of cool dads everywhere, the #Coolest Cooler and BBQ Galore are giving away this awesome Captain Cook 3 Burner Gas Grill worth $499! With 40,000 BTUs, a built-in 10,000 BTU side-burner and hot Italian-made burners, you can win the perfect... read more

Coolest Strong

We knew the Coolest was designed and engineered to take a lot of abuse, but we had not imagined that one day, the Coolest would be helpful in the event of a car crash!  We are so happy to hear that the Barry family in Florida are all doing well after a nasty rear end... read more

Drain plug on track

Back in October I wrote about the QA process for our Coolest Cooler, and we’ve made great strides since then making every Coolest at the highest level of quality.  Most of the issues we discovered were fixed fairly easily by bringing more attention to it within the... read more

Stress testing the new blender motor

So far so good! Over the last month we’ve been actively seeking new motors since the first motor factory went on strike.  We need something that’s powerful enough to crush ice like Chuck Norris versus an iceberg, yet built with the highest standard of quality to... read more

Grateful for your support and patience

We know a lot of our Kickstarter backers are frustrated and we want to apologize for the delay in getting out the Coolest coolers as early as we had hoped. We are incredibly thankful for our supporters and would never have been able to create the Coolest without them.... read more

Coolest Motors and Four 6-Person Hot Tubs

Two weeks ago I shared a major challenge facing Coolest production; the company that makes our motor for the Coolest went on strike and stopped production. This really caught us by surprise as this is a high quality motor company that manufactures and supplies major... read more


Behold, the FIRST SHIPMENT OF COOLEST COOLERS leaving the factory today!!!! It’s been a pretty emotional day here at Coolest HQ as words can’t express how amazing it feels to hit this milestone…We are all so proud of what’s been accomplished... read more

Number #1 Vodkarita

While FEP may actually stand for Final Engineering Pilot, it might just as well stand for Finish Everything, People.   These last three weeks have been a whirlwind as every element for each little detail needed to ship a product gets a final review and gets locked... read more

FEP Kicking Off

Continued frenzies of activity around all things Coolest as we are nearing the home stretch. In fact, I’m back in China preparing for the start of FEP (Final Engineering Pilot) review next week while the rest of the team focuses on checking off all those little unsexy... read more

Wheels and Handle Testing

Will the Coolest wheels and handles hold up and perform at the level we expect them to? Let’s test it and find out. Step one: Fill the Coolest with around 60lb of plastic pellets. Step two, three and four: Raise and lower it 5,000 times, pull it over 20 miles of... read more