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A High Performance Blender

You know that sexy growl that a sports car makes? The Coolest Cooler’s built-in blender doesn’t sound anything like that. But it’s got its own kind of sexy going on. A powerful, ice crushing, battery-powered motor; a pitcher made from hardy Tritan food-grade super-safe plastic; precision sharpened, badass stainless steel blades. And it’ll make about 16 pitchers of cocktails on one charge. Can a Ferrari do that? We think not.

Outdoor BlueTooth Speaker with Party Pairing®

All great parties need music. That’s not opinion–that’s science. The Coolest lets you stream eight hours of tunes to the wireless, removable speaker from any Bluetooth phone or device. It has dual drivers, 5-watts, and a resonator plate for as much bass, volume and clarity as physics allow (see, more of that science). Our Bluetooth 4.0 Party Pairing® feature let’s you stream music from one phone to two speakers up to 30 feet apart!

USB Charger

You’re throwing your little beach party when you realize your iPhone has 6% battery left. Don’t sweat it. Use that built-in battery for the blender to top-off your phone. Re-charge your gear wherever you are with the waterproof USB charger.

LED Lid Light

The Coolest has an LED light built into the inside lid of the cooler, so you can leave your flashlight at home. Find that deepest, coldest can even after dark, without risking frostbite on your fingers.

Cooler Divider / Cutting board

The Coolest’s split lid design and removable divider keeps your cocktail ice separate from your regular ice (important). You can also open one side of the lid without disturbing the drinks in your cup holders (very important). You can even pull out the divider and use it as a cutting board when you need to cut a lime or carve a ham.

Integrated Essentials

The Coolest comes with four reusable plastic plates/flying disks as well as a Samurai sharp ceramic knife for cutting up whatever you might need to cut up. We even added a wine opener so you won’t need to “McGyver” one.

Bottle Opener

The Coolest has a built-in bottle opener with a magnetic cap catcher. File that one under “No-brainer.”

Done in One™ Tie-down bungee cord

The Coolest’s locking tie-downs are like having a roof rack on your cooler. Put them together with the rugged telescoping handle bar and you can secure lawn chairs, blankets, towels, toys, your grill, small humans. Kidding–just making sure you’re paying attention.

lithium battery
20V Rechargeable Lithium Battery

The Coolest comes with a long-lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery (LiPO) that charges faster and lasts longer with all our amazing features. You can order a second battery if you want to keep them in rotation. Want to order three? Who are we to say “No?”

accessories deck
Accessory Deck

Hey, beachgoers! You’re not fooling anyone by hiding your wallet and keys in your shoes. Keep them hidden from view (and your Coolest speaker company) in the built-in Accessory Deck compartment. Keeps everything safe and dry, not to mention it has a pretty covert, James Bond vibe to it.

Ergonomic Design Built to Last

The Coolest is designed like a tank – minus the big, rotating gun. It has two oversized rubberized wheels to get you rolling with a bottom designed to glide over—not through—sand. The split lids are secured with heavy-duty stainless steel hinges that’ll last longer than you will and rugged big-grip handles on each side.



Coolest Cooler

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Includes one Coolest cooler, one battery pack and one removable Bluetooth speaker. Additional battery and speaker available for purchase.

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