Two weeks ago I shared a major challenge facing Coolest production; the company that makes our motor for the Coolest went on strike and stopped production. This really caught us by surprise as this is a high quality motor company that manufactures and supplies major brands around the world.

We spent so much time testing this motor to make sure it would stand up for the long life of a Coolest, and it really felt like a sucker punch to have our supply suddenly cut off without warning. Since swearing loudly didn’t seem to fix anything we realized the only way to move on is to march forward. Here’s what we’ve done:

1. We reached out to four motor manufactures to get samples to test as replacements. The Coolest motor has more speed and torque at our voltage than almost any similar sized motors, plus it also needs an internal fan to keep it cool. Only one of these four manufactures even currently even sells a motor in this configuration, and luckily they’ve been the most responsive in getting us samples quickly.

2. We started testing this motor and, knock-on-wood, the initial tests look good. The speed/torque curves are very similar, and even under a heavy blending load it’s not overheating. This is amazing news, especially given how many motors failed this test last fall.

3. Two days ago we began an expedited abuse test to make sure if we put this motor in your Coolest it can handle your next 5+ years of vodkarita and smoothie needs. This means blending 384 full pitchers of our ‘Abuse Recipe’… this to works out to enough blended drinks to fill four 6-person hot tubs. Not sure why hot tubs should be the unit of measurement, but the point is it’s a lot of damned blending.


4. If things look good by early next week we’ll place a first PO for this new Coolest motor, and the motor supplier will get right to work making motors for us. Unfortunately the process to make these motors in volume is expected to take four weeks, which puts us back in production right around the week of December 20th. In parallel we’re still hopeful the strike will end at our primary supplier and we can start up earlier, but we’re not holding our breath.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and I’m kicking myself that we didn’t have a second motor supplier in place before this as a back-up. Given the first motor company’s reputation and quality level we just didn’t imagine this was a realistic scenario, but the lesson has certainly been learned.

Stay tuned for another update /Countdown update on the 27th, or earlier if something significant changes, and thanks as always for your support.

39 thoughts on “Coolest Motors and Four 6-Person Hot Tubs”

  1. It isn’t a scam. I got my Coolest in October and it is better than expected. And the wireless speaker(s) (I ordered an extra one) are fantastic. Completely worth the wait.

  2. I ordered mine in July. Got a little impatient but it arrived a few weeks ago and its wonderful. No I do not work for the company.

    1. Joanna,

      You ordered yours in July? Of 2015? And already got it? WTF!!! I ordered mine when it first hit Kickstarter well over a year ago and haven’t heard one peep. I was being very optimistic about this but now I am ticked.

    2. You ordered in July, and you got yours? I have been waiting over a year and I still haven’t received mine. … And you were a little impatient? Sheesh!

  3. It was day two of the campaign when I bought in, because the Coolest was Champ Car Orange. Watching the development of the product was enjoyable and I understood the delays. After the unit arrived and I took it out of the box, I was very happy the Coolest folks took the time to get every detail right and exceed expectations. I took it to a chili cookoff. Some recognized what it was. I was anxious to try the blender. Frozen mango, peaches, pineapple, apple juice and double chocolate vodka. A stranger exclaimed the blender sounded more powerful than the one in his boat. All I can say is that it is superior to most any blender you’ll find in a home, and the new smoothie is a hit. And it took three days for the ice to melt in 80 degree weather. This think is a marvel. It’s worth the wait.

  4. Can we stop with the jokes already Ryan! I can care less now how long it takes to get mine..but I do care to be given all the relevant and transparent information available that you could tell us. How many backer units in backer many are en route and how many preorders shipped. But most of all, stop the nonchalant attitude that this isn’t a mess and stop laughing while we are stuck waiting… This is no laughing matter

  5. I retired a few years ago and ordered this back at the start to use on family days out. Will I get it before I die or will the kids get it in time for their retirement?

  6. Very bad business decision for you to ship to buyers before you fill the orders of your backers. You suck. I Would say you are a total scam if I didn’t actually have freinds who have received them. And incidentally, they pledged AFTER we pledged. I’ll be sure to tell anyone who asks not to order even if you do ever get your act together. I have also changed my mind on purchasing these in the future for our employees. I really hope we actually see our cooler before you go out of business.

  7. I am STILL waiting for THREE that my hubby and I backed for Christmas gifts LAST YEAR. I know you were given millions, but not everyone has this much disposable cash for you to hold for all this time to have no return on our investment. WHERE ARE OUR COOLERS??? I have lost all patience and excitement as another Christmas rolls around.

  8. I ordered 10 coolers and my son ordered one. He got his last month and I’ve not heard a thing. When should I expect mine? You are making me look bad. The coolers I ordered were supposed to be Christmas presents for employees LAST Christmas! I’ve not been vocal about it until now but if it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease I’ll be glad to blast Coolest publicly on the Internet on how not to treat a customer. Pretty ridiculous at this point.

    1. why would you order them as christmas presents when the most optimistic shipping date was to begin months after christmas? There has never been a shipping estimate date earlier than February of this year

  9. As a backer, I thought I have been patient enough to wait. But when I am told that retail sales are getting theirs first, because CC needs money, and I have been waiting for over a year for mine. I have sent emails to support with no definite answer, always the genetics we don’t know, but you will love it when you get it. Enough with the jokes, tell us when we will get our coolers! Getting so frustrated, I am considering filing a complaint with the California States Attorney.

  10. I think us backers that backed last summer and haven’t received our coolers yet should get some extra stuff for our patients even if it’s like t-shirts or something

  11. I’ve ordered two from the original Kickstarter. It’s disappointing that we haven’t received it and that others have ordered once the campaign ended and have received. I have to believe all good things come to those that wait. Knowing this is a start-up we have to remain a bit flexible. I would like to see this by end of year if possible to make it in time for Christmas or at the least the Coolest team be able to start giving a better ball park of when they will be delivered.

  12. I invested in the first week of July in 2014. I must have shown the video that attracted me to the project to God only knows how many people (over 50 easily) several informed that they invested and I am getting calls as if I am the company representative for this project. I am a positive person and hold high hopes that I get my cooler and all the people who I advised of this project that ordered one will get theirs very SOON !!
    it would be some relief if we had real information such as what number of coolers have shipped and to what parts of the USA.
    Are you shipping to certain parts of the USA first due to costs or what’s the shipping plan ? Just some REAL info.

  13. I was an original backer and have still not received my Coolest. I do not have a shipping date or anything with which to track my order. Not only has this ruined my faith in Kickstarter but I will never recommend this product or this company to anyone. The fact that 100% of the early backers have not received their product while people that purchased in JULY 2015 already have is beyond comprehension. WE WERE THE ONES ALLOWED YOU TO BRING YOUR IDEA TO FRUITION! Thanks for not rewarding us. A pathetic excuse for a company and owner. If I could get a refund I would.

  14. I understand things happen that are out of your control, but the fact that I now see the Coolest for sale online and still don’t have mine that was ordered a year and a half ago is very annoying to say the least. That means the company has a stock pile of coolers that should be sent out to backers that gave there money last year. I’m sorry, but thats just wrong!! It would have been nice to let people know from the begining that the shipping time was not firm and was subject to change. I think I would have passed on this! I highly doubt I would ever get involved with kickstart again.

  15. I also placed my order for 2 coolers as a backer in July of 2014. This was also supossed to be Christmas presents LAST year. I’ve been very patient, but now that I’ve seen that people ordered this July and received theirs already…well that’s NOT okay! I would expect that your backers who FUNDED this project would receive the product first. I would really like to get an email with an expected ship date. This really seems like a great product, but not very good customer service. Please look into getting your backer’s coolers shipped ASAP. I would like to actually give them as Christmas presents THIS year!

    1. Hahahah! Funniest post yet from someone that got their cooler to us Shumucks that are still waiting. I ordered July 2014, so far just a big black hole on shipping info. Oh yeah you didn’t get your cooler shipped to you as an investor, you went on Amazon and purchased my cooler – enjoy it bud I may never see one at this rate!

      1. He should keep in the box like a limited edition GI Joe because the rate that Ryan is going he is likely on his was to an foreign island with no extradition and the rest of the backer cash before the complete volume of backer units are ever delivered.

  16. This is completely unethical. I backed the campaign in July of 2014 and understood that there could be delays or maybe never even come to market but that as a backer I would have the privilege of having a Coolest before the general consumer population. To now turn around and sell to anyone before me is the worst business practice and smells of fraud. How about if an auto manufacturer was supposed to build me a car and sold it to someone else, there would be legal repercussions wouldn’t there!!!!!

  17. I backed July 2014. Updates beginning to feel “Ponzi” like having read that items are being sold on Amazon before backers receive their items……

  18. Well to all the backers that have not received their coolers A class action law suit can be filled against this wrong doing and refunds and damages can apply.

    That will be the next excuse to all the backers and there will be no worry of delivery of product and/or refunds.

    There are most likely enough backers that would fulfill that order.

  19. Mine arrived on Christmas Eve. Talk about a terrific gift for Christmas! It is wonderful and all of my friends are jealous as hell! Works like a dream and is just as described. Have faith, they are being shipped!

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