We know a lot of our Kickstarter backers are frustrated and we want to apologize for the delay in getting out the Coolest coolers as early as we had hoped. We are incredibly thankful for our supporters and would never have been able to create the Coolest without them. We will be getting every remaining backer their cooler reward and are truly sorry that it is taking far longer than we anticipated.

When you do a Kickstarter campaign, you plan for success and we did a great deal of research before launching. However, we are a small business with a small team and have been challenged by unforeseen logistical issues that created this delay. These issues included the overwhelming demand for our product, compounded by technological challenges with our order management system and a strike at the battery motor manufacturer. We are working quickly to resolve these issues and have already begun shipping product as we’re able.

The idea of Kickstarter is to support creatives and entrepreneurs and make their ideas a reality (if you’re curious, you can read more about this here ( Backers made the Coolest cooler a reality – the reviews on the product have been extremely positive. It is taking much longer than anticipated to manufacture and ship and we are working quickly to make improvements. Our current timeline is to have all backer cooler rewards shipped out by Spring 2016.

We also know that many of you are frustrated that the coolers are available on Amazon Launchpad. This was not at all the timing we intended. We committed to Amazon this summer and had an obligation for delivery to them before the production issues arose. We realize the delay in the reward coolers is incredibly frustrating, but rest assured our backers will still be receiving their coolers in return for an investment that is far below the retail purchase price.

Again, we wouldn’t be here without our backers and we are so grateful for their support. On behalf of the whole team here at Coolest, we are very sorry for the frustration this has caused.  Please do reach out to us at . We will also be posting frequent progress both here and on the Countdown blog to keep everyone updated.

Thank you for your support and patience as we work through this.

41 thoughts on “Grateful for your support and patience”

  1. I can deal with the delays, but the fact of the mayer is, don’t forget where you came from. The backers are the people you owe EVERYTHING to. We are the ones that made this even possible. YOU OWE US RYAN AND YOU OWE US BIG TIME! If this was just a business and we were initial investors, then we got wind of other investors after groundbreaking being profits before us, there would be a corporate takeover and you would be nothing but debt after we sued the shit out of you for breaching a contract. YOUR PRIORITY IS TO THE PEOPLE THAT MADE THE COOLEST POSSIBLE! I’M OUTRAGED THAT AMAZON CUSTOMERS HAVE RECEIVED THEIR COOLEST AND I’M STILL WAITING FOR MINE! WHAT THE F$@!? THIS IS ABSOLUTELY APPALLING!

  2. Who did you commit to shipping first? Your backers or Amazon? I believe you promised your first backers, like myself, to have their Coolests last February! In my opinion it is bad ethical practice to serve someone before another, just because they are paying more! I know it is business, but it still leaves a sour taste in your mouth! Because of your delays it has cost me more money to have it shipped to me now, because now instead of shipping to Arizona, I now have to have is shipped to my home in Canada! I’m sure that will slow my delivery even more! This venture and another I have backed, have totally turned me off of Kickstarter! I will think long and hard about backing another thing!

  3. What a sham!!!! Was an original backer and was suppose to get my cooler last February. Excuse after excuse! And now after WE funded your business, you made a big old deal with Amazon. What a crock of shit. Shameful!

  4. I am amazed that all the backers are so impatient for a product that one year ago was still just a pipe dream. What they have done and how far they have come is great. The problem is you think as a backer you are special. And getting a 500 dollar product for 185 is pretty special. Just put it on eBay an make all the whining go away when you make over 200 percent return on your investment. I think that is a great return.
    Please stop the bad mouthing of a company that has a product and are sending it out. Unlike some of the other kickstarters. Like navdy for instance. I don’t think that will ever come out.
    Just stop the whining. You are worse than my 4 year old.

    1. Way to go, Matt. If any of these whiners had a business related knowledge of how it all works (or a business degree), they’d shut up. Like Matt intimated, go change your diaper, find your sippee cup and binkie and take a nap.

    2. Matt, Anybody that makes a comment like this obviously works for the UNCOOLEST team. I was fine till they started selling on Amazon. It’s not whining to bash a company for LYING!!!

    3. Mark and Matt,

      you seem to have negative knowledge of how business works. In business, promises are made, and kept, or the company has lost trust with those that are responsible for its existence. Matt, to your point “company that has a product and are sending it out.” Are you sure? I haven’t seen or heard of anyone backing this product, the people that made it possible receiving. Nor can we get an ETA on our delivery. promises were made, and not kept that’s the crux of the issue. Here’s how it works – a company that breaks its promises to the people who funded its beginning is at fault, not a lack of business knowledge. Being in the business world myself, i understand this it seems a bit better than you do.

  5. Ryan, you write a poor pitiful me speech, bullshit, send our coolers or refund our money, simple. You have more excuses each shipment date. We all forked out money and still have nothing to show for it. Your problems are not our problems. Blah, blah, blah on your damn business problems, I own 3 companies and I do not treat my customers the way you have and guess what Ryan – I have millions. But I want my damn cooler. Now.

    1. Debra – They have been very clear that you can request a refund at any time. Feel free to do so and go away so everyone else doesn’t have to endure your negativity.

    2. Debra,
      Respond to this reply and I will buy your coolest for $225. I am a millionaire as well and you are definitely one of the most uncoolest people on this blog. BTW I don’t believe 3 your three company story.

      1. Search her name on linked in. Family business in door/window sales in Arkansas. I wouldn’t believe the multi millionaire part.

  6. iTs not the waiting it’s the uncertainty….do I buy another crappy cooler for the season… I put off buying one this year and ended paying full price , in the middle of the season for a crappy one … I don’t understand why they can’t provide a ship date…and please don’t say unforeseeable factory issues. Other motors seemed to be shipping out of China

  7. Yet, you would think you would make sure your backers are taken care of before setting up an agreement with another company. What other agreements are out there so we know who else will be ahead of us? AND why give us spring 2016, you have yet to commit and follow thru to a non-commercial contract deal.

    For those that are beyond saintly patient, good for you.

  8. Most of these businesses or wanna be businesses on Kickstarter have no idea what it takes to start, run and operate a successful business. The trouble begins with over promising and under delivering. Let this be a lesson to those in the future – you are better off to under promise and over deliver. Still waiting for my cooler, getting annoyed and most likely wouldn’t feel this way if a better business plan was put in place from the beginning. Do some good forecasting, cash flow analysis and give us a real date to receive our coolers – then deliver on that date with no more delays & excuses !

  9. It would do us all some good to just breathe and continue to be patient, complaining and threats are not going to bring your cooler any faster. I think it’s pretty sad! I’m backer 2000ish and I say because it doesn’t matter if your 60,000 or two were all in the same boat. Happy Holidays, let’s be thankful for the things that really matter. <3

  10. These things happen when there is extremely high demand, for a simply brilliant and new idea and resultant ‘must have’ for picnics / the beach / the BBQ (Cook-out) etc.
    Introductory hitches – Wouldn’t mind betting this will be a major success in the long term. This time next year we will all be enjoying our ‘Coolest’

  11. One thing that has been overlooked here is that they spent a LOT of time improving and reworking the cooler while they were in design. This cause significant delays. Had they gone with the original prototype model, with maybe a few adjustments, I think we would all have our coolers. Unfortunately they didn’t. They redesigned the shell, the lid, the motor, the speaker etc. etc. That’s fine, for the second model. In the end, the cost of what was supposed to be a $300 cooler is now $500. People will balk at that price and no funds flowing into the company will hurt them badly. Hopefully they will hold true to their commitment to get all of us who paid in the beginning our coolers. The sad thing is it could be the last you see of Coolest. It doesn’t always pay to try and make the BEST thing right out of the box.

  12. I can appreciate manufacturing delays, but 8 weeks ago I received an email saying my cooler was on it’s way aboard a cargo ship and I would have within 5 weeks. Now I realize that when the shipment got here, it was sent to Amazon. That has nothing to do with motors, just corporate liability vs. customer loyalty.

  13. Ryan
    After the string of delays and the Amazon and motor issue will be forgiven for one piece of info that has been missing, who is on strike? In China you go on strike this long you starve and the company would have already hired and trained replacements. You say they are a major supplier for other major small appliance companies but I can’t find any news of a shortage due to strike with any of them. Maybe you get cleaver to say you can’t give out the name which wouldn’t be true. You leak the name and it doesn’t come back on you, we look to see if it’s true and maybe give you some sympathy.
    The be patient whining baby folks here are truly amazing since their money is at stake. How hasn’t the name of the company been released to confirm a strike? It would be the first thing I’d do is post photos of picketers in China with the factory in the backdrop. This gives you breathing room and credibility instantly. Anyone would have played that card long ago unless it was all a stinking lie! So what’s the name and location of the factory so we can confirm?

  14. I’ve read so many negative posts in the last year and thought to myself “what a bunch of whiners”. I understood I supported an idea or a dream come true for an individual, perhaps supported the American Dream is what I thought at the time. I listened to the updates and had compassion for the struggles of someone that was in over their head. However, now after this latest issue with my order going to Amazon I’m over this campaign. It has switched my thought from supporting the American Dream to supporting a crappy American business practice that lessons any true connection with its customer. There is a reason I try to buy local as much as possible and don’t mind paying extra for quality service over extreme convenience. To have to meet a deadline for Amazon means Ryan had known for sometime that he had two commitments to fulfill and the people who made this campaign happen where never made aware there was competing priorities for the item that was supported. I’m disappointed in this whole process at this point and Amazon would of never been an issue had it not been for myself and thousands of other supporters who where excited for something new, now we are mad that’s it’s just another company that totally put aside customer support for profits.

  15. I regretfully convinced my girlfriend to request a refund after she began receiving e-mail offers for contests to win one and then seen it for sale on Amazon after she received promise after promise from the Coolest Team over a two year period and still never received what she paid for.

    The last time I saw a company treat it’s paying customers this way was when a friend of mine was involved in one of them multi-level marketing scams. Coolest Team you read that correctly… your company reminds me of a SCAM.

    All you had to do is recognize the problems you are having and not rush the “fix” so you wouldn’t have to repeatedly give false promises. If you would have done your due diligence and told her that it would be another 6 months I would have told her to hang in there.

    Hopefully you will be able to overcome your lack of business abilities and make some of your backers happy. Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I will not be among them.

    1. Your girlfriend wasn’t a ‘paying customer’ she was a backer with a reward like me. I understand the frustration, I backed in July ’14, but it’s not like we gave them 100k, we gave them with shipping $200. I believe they are trying their best. They want their company to succeed. If you understand the manufacturing process, molding and production machine priority is given to the big companies like Apple, HP, etc. it’s all a process and our backing was to give them the chance to create this product and our reward is to get a product for less than half price. I was initially annoyed with the Amazon sales, but from a business standpoint you jump at the chance to sell to Amazon and delay shipment to your backers who gave you $200. I’m just hoping whenever I get mine it actually works well.

  16. Well to all the backers that have not received their coolers A class action law suit can be filled against this wrong doing and refunds and damages can apply.

    That will be the next excuse to all the backers and there will be no worry of delivery of product and/or refunds.

    There are most likely enough backers that would fulfill that order.

    1. Does no one know what Kickstarter is? You guys know Kickstarter isn’t a store right? You guys didn’t buy something. You donated to help someone start a business and they offered something as a reward should they be successful.

      It isn’t even in fine print guys… Nothing is guaranteed in Kickstarter.

      I for one am happy to hear the regular communication. It may not be what everyone wants to hear, but at least you’re hearing something!

      They are starting a company from scratch… Problems happen and they are dealing with them as they occur. If you don’t want to deal with a startup, DONT “BUY” ON KICKSTARTER! Wait for it to hit Amazon and BUY there.

    2. That’s just silly and greedy and exactly why American companies can’t survive. Shame on you. $200 folks, I’m sure you’ve lost that much gambling or drinking or on a meal. This is not life or death, they have not harmed you.

  17. I am also one of the lucky backers who will be receiving his coolest today. Though after this this update I was slightly confused how my coolest was being sent to me now. I asked these questions to support to find out more information.

    1. Does my coolest have the pre-factory strike motor, secondary/backup motor from different factory or post-factory strike motor?

    2. Does mine have the old drain plug? If so, can you send me the new one when it is made?

    3. Am I still able to buy the second speaker at the discounted price? I heard it sounds awesome!

    Their reply:

    There were no Coolests made with a different motor than our original, kick butt motor. So your Coolest will have a motor that was produced before the strike started. While we were testing replacements, the strike that had stopped production ended, meaning that we can still use our original motor in all production going forward. The good news is that now we do have a suitable backup in case something happens at that factory again.

    Your Coolest will have the original drain plug. The fail rate in the drain plugs is very small, but if you have any problems with it let us know. It is a very easy fix.

    I am not sure if you are able to buy speakers at a discounted price anymore. The speakers are for sale on our website for $79.00. They do sound awesome!

    I’m glad you are going to be able to enjoy your Coolest for the Holidays! Let me know if you have any more questions.


    1. I think the coolest cooler is awsome, however I’ve been working on an awesome cooler of my own that would greatly compliment the coolest cooler. How do I get ahold of your team.

  18. I understand the batching by color schemes, etc. But when my girlfriend and I have fronted the cash for 18 months to subsidize a pair of unit that match what is *in stock* at Amazon while we still don’t have the units of the exact same config, for which we’ve already paid? Feels fraudulent.

  19. I have been waiting 2 years for my cooler and I am way past the point of pissed off, I paid good money to fund this thing and I feel like all I have to show for it is a bunch of excuses, I want my cooler!!

  20. Your new shipment tool is nothing but another smoke screen. It does not tell me anything about my anticipated ship date. Group 2??? Big deal!!! When do I get my cooler that I paid for 18 months ago? I could have set the money aside and gathered interest on an investment and purchased it when it hits the general sale shelves without all this aggravation. We were told as investors we would be way ahead of the game by investing. Must be a very SLOW Game. I now just want my cooler. Another SUMMER is coming fast and I do not have a cooler yet. I plan to open my pool in a few weeks, want to bet that it is not here by then..!!!!

  21. Stop complaining that you don’t have your damn coolers yet. Do something about it. Go to, or and file a complaint. Complaining in here will get you no where. I was an original backer before they even hit the original 50k budget and I have yet to get my cooler. I am in for cooler, shipping, battery, etc all to the tune of $284.00. Granted I would not have bought the extra battery and speakers etc had I known this was going to happen, but such is life. What is scary is how closely this resembles a ponzi scheme. First they ask for investment, then you get email about shipping money (when they know damn good and well they aren’t shipping it out to you), then ability to purchase extended batteries and speakers etc… and all of that prior to your original arrival date which for me was Feb 2015. I purchased as a backer in June 2014. So though I do feel everyone’s pain in here, be part of the solution not the problem. Contact Kickstarter who im sure is tiring of hearing about COOLEST scam, but let your voice be heard. They (Coolest) violated the agreement with kickstarter,; “When a project is successfully funded, the creator must complete the project and fulfill each reward. Once a creator has done so, they’ve satisfied their obligation to their backers.” and “The creator is solely responsible for fulfilling the promises made in their project. If they’re unable to satisfy the terms of this agreement, they may be subject to legal action by backers.” COMPLAIN TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE of SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

  22. Ryan …

    I never dreamed that I would be contributing money to Your Ice Chest to be made, JUL 2014, and buy all the options and accessories, to find that TWO YEARS later … I am Still waiting on it ….. That you are NOW ASKING FOR MORE MONEY $97 … to Deliver it By Jul 4th , 2016 !!! Really>>> YET…. the Public has been able to purchase it for a year …….. Dont’ care about how much of a discount we received, if we don’t have it. The whole point was to get OURS FIRST … to have the COOLEST BEFORE others … not 2 yrs after concept to productions to the public …. why,…. WHYYY…. Should the BACKERS be the LAST TO GET ORDERS fulfilled???? More Importantly, to pay $97 to get it delivered by JUL 4th?? 2 yrs?? INSANE!! Ridiculous… This is the cause, I will never ever, support a CONCEPT again … I would rather wait for the item to surface and pay the full price and know I have it in hand.

    This is a horrible way to do business … I am a backer … not a stock holder ….. waiting for the day the train comes in …. for Pete Sake … Im in Seattle … Ill gladly drive down and pick up my 2 Coolests …. fly the other one to my SC home myself, and keep the other here in Seattle ….

    Stop messing around …. quit putting backers on the back burner and giving the public the first availability and fulfill your back orders first ….

    Horrible way to do business……

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