The Coolest Cooler blends drinks and music with a passion for quality. With more features and fun than any other, you’ll be looking for excuses to get outside and turn good times into great memories.


COOLEST COOLERS $449.99 $399.99


COOLEST COOLERS $449.99 $399.99


Sure it will keep ice for 4-5 days and hold 600 lbs…but what else?

Built-in Blender

Saying our food grade, built-in, rechargeable blender crushes ice is a bit like saying the Sahara’s on the warm side. It makes oodles (a mathematical term) of perfectly pulverized ice—20 PITCHERS worth— ideal for smoothies, margaritas and any other frozen concoctions your alcoholically-skewed mind can think of.

Outdoor BlueTooth Speaker with Party Pairing®

“Without music, a party’s just a bunch of people wishing they had some.” Profound. So the Coolest comes with a speaker. It’s detachable, splash proof and streams 8 HOURS of music. You can Party Pair® it with another speaker 30 ft away to create an outdoor fence of sonic splendor. The quote? Some dude who liked speakers.

USB Charger

Yes, you’re right. It is freaking awesome! A built-in USB charger so you can charge your phone, camera or speakers anywhere. No more dealing with a dead phone, so you’ll be able to text that girl from work to tell her about the barbeque currently happening in your yard, only to find out she’s a Vegan. Technology’s so awesome.

LED Lid Light

We know your night vision is exceptional but with your hand shoved down into the freezing, dark bowels of your crappy, old cooler you look like you lost the soap. The Coolest comes with an LED Lid Light. Push the button, light comes on, find what you want, feeling in your fingers retained. Win-Win!

Picnic Party Essentials

Sure, there’s the sexy stuff, the stuff that gets all the love: The Beer, the alcohol, ice, the Piñatas. What? You don’t like Piñatas? What about plates? How ‘bout a sharp knife? Corkscrew? Didn’t think so. The Coolest comes with four BPA-free plates, a crazy sharp knife and a corkscrew. Seriously, try the Piñata. Highly undervalued.

Bottle Opener

As a rule, it’s a bad idea to use your teeth for anything other than what they were originally intended: Biting and chewing food. Bottles of beer are not, as we understand it food. So stop with the teeth. And the keys. Use the bottle opener that comes with the Coolest. There’s also a magnet to catch the caps. Remember: Food good, bottle bad.

Done in One™ Tie-Down Bungee Cord

Unless you love making multiple trips we suggest tying all of your party-related paraphernalia to your Coolest with the Tie-Down Bungee Cord that comes with it. As for the wheels, they’re big, fat and rubberized and there isn’t a sand dune, rut-filled trail or pebble-strewn stadium parking lot that they can’t handle.

Accessory Deck (Secret Compartment)

In the front of the Coolest you’ll find a secret compartment where you can keep your phone, keys, ancient parchment, whatever. And if you ever want to keep your cocktail ice separate from your hot dog ice (and who wouldn’t) there’s a divider for that, which you can also use as a cutting board. Very 007.

Engineered to Outlast the Outdoors

You’re camping in the wilderness.  A UFO appears.  Everyone’s abducted.  When the search party opens your still sealed Coolest (because it’s badass), the ice inside will still be frozen. Even 4-5 days after the abduction!  It’s ridiculously insulated. Holds 55 quarts! It’s pretty amazing. And, sorry ‘bout the ‘research’.



If they gave out the Nobel prize for coolers, this would win.

Today Show

The people have spoken…they want a cooler that will make margaritas and charge their phones while blasting the latest song.

Time Magazine

Includes just about every possible feature you might want to have for a fun day out.

Business Insider

The Coolest is not so much a cooler as it is a party companion. Just plain smart and practical. I have never in my life lusted after a cooler until now, probably because there has never been a cooler quite like this until now.


Beyond cool cooler. For outdoor party enthusiasts and tailgaters, this multi-functional device is a dream come true. This fun find has more features than most people could've imagined. You'll probably be putting it on your birthday, Christmas or just let-me-have-it-now list.

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The hottest cooler on the planet. The coolest product of its kind ever conceived. (Gives) that intangible feeling of cooler superiority

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Why did this not already exist before?


This Is Epic! You’ll Never Need Another Cooler Again!

Perez Hilton

The world just got a whole lot better. This Bro-tastic Cooler Is Perfect For The Bro On-The-Go.


This Cooler Does Everything Except Mix Your Drinks. Wait, No, It Does That Too.

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The Coolest is an essential for your next trip.

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…the ultimate in superlatives.

Dude, I want that